Human being says: “Show me and I will trust you,” Allah says: ” Trust me and I will show you

Start with Bismillah. End with Alhamdulillah. Patience with SubhanAllah. Promise with InsyaAllah.

Your life will be blessed by Allah

At the end of the day only Allah remains.”
Never let a bad situation bring out the worst in you. Choose to stay positive and be strong.
Allah will never leave you. Allah will never hurt you. Allah will never lie to you. Allah is always faithful.

لطفا صلواتی بفرستید و ثواب آن را هدیه کنید به بنیانگذاران و بانیان عارفی که هزینه های راه اندازی و نگهداری این سایت را برعهده گرفتند